2019 Publications

List of publications related to a/r/tography from the year 2019: Journal articles, book chapters, dissertations, and theses

Alvarez, C. (2019). Creating cultural sensitivity in the writing classroom with Edwidge Danticat’s create dangerously. In C. L. Joseph, S. Banerjee, M. E. Hobson, & J. Danny M. Hoey, Approaches to teaching the works of Edwidge Danticat (pp. 307-326). New York: Routledge. doi:https://doi-org.ezproxy.library.ubc.ca/10.4324/9780429293023

Baker, J. S., Bjork, F., Bley, E., Eckhoff, E., & Hubing, E. (2019, October 22). A/R/T-Candidates Explore Intersectional Identities Through Art. Multicultural Perspectives, 21(3), 159-166. doi:https://doi-org.ezproxy.library.ubc.ca/10.1080/15210960.2019.1659143

Barney, D. T. (2019, August 21). A/r/tography as a pedagogical strategy: Entering somewhere in the middle of becoming artist. International Journal of Art and Design Education, 38(3), 618-626. doi:https://doi-org.ezproxy.library.ubc.ca/10.1111/jade.12247

Lage-Gómez, C., & Cremades-Andreu, R. (2019, March). Group improvisation as dialogue: Opening creative spaces in secondary music education. Thinking Skills and Creativity, 31, 232-242. doi:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.tsc.2018.12.007

Lee, N., Morimoto, K., Mosavarzadeh, M., & Irwin, R. L. (2019). Walking propositions: Coming to know a/r/tographically. International Journal of Art & Design Education, 38(3), 681–690.

López-Peláez-Casellas, & Paz, M. (2019, September 7). An artistic research proposal from an A/R/TOGRAPHY perspective: a study of Strauss’s oboe concerto. Música hodie, 19, 1-12. doi:10.5216/mh.v19.54873

Malilang, C. S. (2019). A multicultural community of practice in creative writing. Educare – Vetenskapliga Skrifter(2), 6-29. doi:https://doi.org/10.24834/educare.2019.2.2

Marin‐Viadel, R., Arias‐Camison, A., & Varea, A. (2019, August 21). A participatory social a/r/tography: Bodies and houses metamorphosing from schools in tegucigalpa to a liverpool tate exchange event. The International Journal of Art and Design Education, 38(3), 627-638. doi:https://doi-org.ezproxy.library.ubc.ca/10.1111/jade.12239

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Mulvihill, T. M., & Swaminathan, R. (2019). Photographic arts. In T. M. Mulvihill, & R. Swaminathan, Arts-based educational research and qualitative inquiry: Walking the path (pp. 58-85). London: outledge. doi:https://doi-org.ezproxy.library.ubc.ca/10.4324/9781315143361

Mulvihill, T. M., & Swaminathan, R. (2019). Walking, pedagogical listening, and artful engagements. In R. S. Thalia M. Mulvihill, Arts-based educational research and qualitative inquiry: Walking the path (pp. 142-158). London: Routledge. doi:https://doi-org.ezproxy.library.ubc.ca/10.4324/9781315143361

Osler, T. (2019, January 4). An a/r/tographic métissage: Storying the self as pedagogic practice. Journal of Writing in Creative Practice, 12(1-2), 109-129. doi:10.1386/jwcp.12.1-2.109_1

Palau‐Pellicer, P., Mena, J., & Egas, O. (2019, August 21). Arts‐based educational research in museums: ‘Art for learning art’, an a/r/tographic mediation. The International Journal of Arts and Design Education, 38(3), 670-680. doi:https://doi-org.ezproxy.library.ubc.ca/10.1111/jade.12241

Ramon, R. &.-S. (2019). A deriva paralela pedagógica. Um fio educativo invisível entre o Porto e Paris através de narrativas pessoais: The pedagogical parallel drift. An invisible educational thread between Porto and Paris through personal narratives. Revista Portuguesa De Educação, 32(2), 74-90. doi:https://doi.org/10.21814/rpe.17200

Roldán, J. (2019). A/r/tografía e Investigación Educativa Basada en Artes Visuales en el panorama de las metodologías de investigación en Educación Artística. Arte, Individuo y Sociedad, 31(4), 881-895. doi:10.5209/aris.63409

Roldan, J., Lara‐Osuna, R., & Gonzalez‐Torre, A. (2019, August 21). The project ‘art for learning art’ in contemporary art museums. The International Journal of Art and Design Education, 38(3), 572-582. doi:https://doi-org.ezproxy.library.ubc.ca/10.1111/jade.12245

Schultz, C. S., & Legg, E. (2019, January 31). A/r/tography: At the intersection of art, leisure, and science. Leisure Sciences: An Interdisciplinary Journal. doi:https://doi.org/10.1080/01490400.2018.1553123

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Vanada, D. I. (2019). Engaging in materiality. Conference Proceedings of the Academy for Design Innovation Management, (pp. 1260-1267). doi:https://doi.org/10.33114/adim.2019.04.406