Special Issues on ABER

Special ABER Themed Journal Issues

Alberta Journal of Educational Research (2002), 48(3). LINK

Curriculum Inquiry (2002), 32(2) LINK and 32(3) LINK

Teacher Education Quarterly (2003), 29(4). LINK

Qualitative Inquiry (2003), 9(2). LINK

Studies in Art Education (2006), 48(1). Special Issue on Arts-Based Research in Art Education.

Visual Studies (2007), 22(1). Special Issue: The Visible Curriculum

Creative Approaches to Research (2012), 5(2). Special Issue on Poetic Inquiry. LINK

The International Journal of The Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice (2012), Issue 11. Special Issue on Ethics and Arts Based Methods in Health Research. LINK

International Journal of Research & Method in Education (2012), 35(3). Special Issue on Problematising Visual Methods: Philosophy, Ethics and Methodologies. LINK

Journal of Applied Arts & Health. Special Issue on Opportunities and Challenges in Art-Based Research (2013), 3(1). LINK

Public Art Dialogue. Special Issue on Relational Art (2013), 3(2). LINK

International Journal of Education & the Arts (2014), 15(2). Special Issue: What does it mean to have an N of 1? Art-making, education research and the public good. LINK

Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy will continue to have an arts based themed section. LINK

Critical Approaches to Arts-based Research (2015), 5(1). LINK


ABER Conference Proceedings

Proceedings from the 1st Conference on Arts-Based and Artistic Research. Critical Reflections on the Intersection of Art and Research. University of Barcelona (2013). LINK

Proceedings from the 2nd Conference on Arts-Based and Artistic Research. Insights and Critical Reflections on Issues and Methodologies. University of Granada (2014). LINK